Codeigniter 4 Introduction




Codeigniter 4 Introduction

CodeIgniter is the framework of PHP. Which is based on the MVC pattern. Which is used to develop a web application.

CodeIgniter is rapidly developing applications framework. CodeIgniter provides an out-of-the-box library to connect to the database and perform various operations. Such as sending an email, uploading files, managing sessions, etc.

What is MVC in Codeigniter?

Codeigniter MVC Stands for Model, View, and Controller

Where M = Model

  • Model work as back-end.
  • Insert, Update, Delete data from the database table.
  • send data to the controller.

Where V = Views

  • Consider the task as a front-end.
  • Display data and capture user activities.
  • Send user activities to the controller.

Where C = Controller

  • Business logic is written in the controller.

Advantage of MVC Codeigniter

  • Reduce code flexibility.
  • Code Reusability.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Code readability.