Laravel 8 Bootstrap Auth Scaffolding Tutorial Example



Sumit Suryavanshi


Laravel 8 bootstrap auth example. In this example l  will explain to you on how to implement laravel 8 npm install bootstrap 4. And i help you to give example of install bootstrap for laravel 8.

If you are beginner with laravel 8 then i am sure i can help you to install bootstrap 4 in laravel 8. it's very simple way to install using laravel ui composer package. laravel ui package add laravel 8 support.

Laravel ui provide way to install bootstrap, vue and react setup. they also provide auth scaffold for login and register. laravel 8 provide easy way to work with bootstrap, vue and react.

Laravel 8 Bootstrap Auth Scaffolding tutorial Example

  • Install Laravel 8 App
  • Configure Database Detail
  • Install Laravel/ui
  • Install Bootstrap Auth
  • Run Development Server

Step 1: Install Laravel 8 App

First of all, Open command prompt and run the following command to install/download laravel fresh web application in your system(server):

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

Step 2: Configure Database Detail

In this step, you will set up the database credentials in .env file. So open your .env file and update database credentials following:


Step 3: Install Laravel/ui

In this step, install bootstrap 4 in your laravel 8 project then install following laravel ui composer package to get command:

composer require laravel/ui

Step 4: Install Bootstrap Auth

Now, open your terminal and run the following command to install bootstrap auth in laravel 8 app:

php artisan ui bootstrap

php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

Step 5: Install NPM Package

Next open your terminal and run the following command to install npm package:

npm install

Step 6: Run Development Server

Now, run the following command to start development server. So open your terminal and run the following command:

 php artisan serve

Now run the following url on browser to test this app on browser.



Laravel 8 bootstrap authentication example, you have learned how to implement authentication system in laravel 8 app using bootstrap auth.