Laravel 8 Jetstream Auth Scaffolding Example



Sumit Suryavanshi


Laravel 8 jetstream auth example. In this example l  will explain to you on how to implement authentication system in laravel 8 app using jetstream auth. And i help you to give example of install jetstream auth and configure it in laravel 8.

If you are beginner with laravel 8 then i am sure i can help you to install jetstream auth and configure in laravel 8. it's very simple way to install using laravel ui composer package. laravel ui package add laravel 8 support.

Laravel 8 Jetstream Auth Scaffolding tutorial Example

  • Install Laravel 8 App
  • Configure Database Detail
  • Install Jetstream Auth Package
  • Install Livewire
  • Jetstream Configuration
  • Install Npm Packages
  • Run Development Server

Step 1: Install Laravel 8 App

First of all, Open command prompt and run the following command to install/download laravel fresh web application in your system(server):

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

Step 2: Configure Database Detail

In this step, you will set up the database credentials in .env file. So open your .env file and update database credentials following:


Step 3: Install Jetstream Auth Package

In this step, install jetstream in your laravel 8 project then install following laravel ui composer package to get command:

composer require laravel/jetstream

Step 4: Install Livewire

Now, open your terminal and run the following command to install livewire package in laravel 8 app:

php artisan jetstream:install livewire


php artisan jetstream:install livewire --teams

Step 5 - Jetstream Configuration

Now, open fortify.php file and you can enable and disable option of jetstream package according to your requirement, which is located inside config directory.

When you open it, it looks like:

'features' => [

Step 6: Install Npm Packages

In this step, open again command prompt and type the following command to install node js:

npm install

Then type the following command on cmd to run npm:

npm run dev

Step 7: Run Development Server

Now, run the following command to start development server. So open your terminal and run the following command:

 php artisan serve

Now run the following url on browser to test this app on browser.



Laravel 8 jetstream authentication example, you have learned how to implement authentication system in laravel 8 app using jetstream auth and livewire.